Thelemic Outreach

Calix Sanctus Oasis sees Thelema as a serious force for change in society at large, and a truly Thelemic community will have duties and privileges for members, as set out in Liber CI. By fighting for Light, Life, Love, and Liberty, Thelemites should be working towards securing the liberty and freedom of all people, as Liber AL says, "...the Law is for all." 

At Calix Sanctus, we take that to mean that those adept in the Thelemic current are only the Capstone of the Pyramid of Thelema; we must also serve the following:
  • Those who would become Laity in the Gnostic Catholic Church by taking the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation;
  • Practitioners who would benefit from the instruction practised magicians may provide in public classes;
  • People of all walks of life and paths who are doing their Will and seeking liberty.
We have previously held Feast Days according to the Thelemic Calendar, including a short ritual opening, a free meal for any and all who wish to attend, and closing with either a performance of Thelemic ritual, or a reading from our Holy Books

We are looking to resume providing this service to the community; to get involved and take part in making a truly hospitable Thelemic community in Glastonbury, please get in touch.