The Holy Chalice

In Thelemic terms, the Chalice is an integral part of the Gnostic Mass, the central public and private ritual of the Order. In Thelemic cosmology, the Chalice is held by Babalon as she rides the Beast Therion, and is discussed by Aleister Crowley in the following passage:

Magick in Theory and Practice, cap. VII

The Cup is said to be full of the Blood of the Saints; that is, every "saint" or magician must give the last drop of his life's blood to that cup. It is the original price paid for magick power. And if by magick power we mean the true power, the assimilation of all force with the Ultimate Light, the true Bridal of the Rosy Cross, then it is that blood offering of Virginity, the sole sacrifice well-pleasing to the Master, the sacrifice whose only reward is the pain of child-bearing unto him.

Calix Sanctus is Latin for "Holy Chalice", and was originally coined by the Christian Church as containing the wine to be used in the mystical marriage:

The Eucharist in the Reformation, by Lee Palmer Wandel

"The objects that held the elements reveal other layers of thinking about the Eucharist. The paten and chalice were designed to hold the elements - respectively, the Host and the wine - that would, with the priest's words, become the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Chalices had their origin in the simple cup of that Seder. ... Early chalices occur in two kinds: one to receive the people's oblations of wine, the calix offerendae; a second from which the laity received Communion, the calix ministerialis. As the number of distinctive ritual moments increased, a third, smaller, chalice, the calix sanctus, was designed to hold the wine before it was mixed with the water in the calix ministerialis.