Gnostic Mass Class

Archbishop Lon DuQuette's Gnostic Mass Masterclass

Avalon Constitutional Club, Glastonbury, Sunday 1st June 2014 e.v.
Calix Sanctus Oasis will be hosting a very special guest, Brother Lon Milo DuQuette of US Grand Lodge. Br Lon is Deputy Grandmaster of OTO USGL and Archbishop of EGC.

In the morning, he will be taking us through a masterclass on the Gnostic Mass, with a specific view of initiates understanding its mysteries and the Miracle of the Mass. This will lead up to a Public Celebration of the Liber XV in the late afternoon.

All initiates would be well-advised to attend, as the Mass is the central public and private ritual of OTO; all Degrees are represented within it, and there will be much insight to be gained. Those in the Novitiate of EGC, or considering joining, should make every effort to attend.

For an introduction, look up "The Miracle of the Mass" segments originally broadcast as part of the Speech in the Silence podcast in 2011-2012 e.v. on YouTube.

There will be no charge for Local-Dues Current members of the Oasis; visiting brethren will be expected to reasonably contribute towards venue hire and materials according to their ability. Please arrive promptly at 09:00 to set up the Temple, to give the maximum time for learning.

The morning event is only for initiates of Ordo Templi Orientis, and the Temple will by tyled. Those wishing to attend from other local bodies please get in touch with the Oasis at